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About Me


There is nothing that excites me more as a coach than having the ability to connect with individuals from all walks of life and join them in their journey to a better well being. The body is the home we get to live in each and every day. Connecting with my body and nurturing it has been essential in my movement journey, allowing me to thrive in the activities that give me joy such as hiking and sports. The ability to have shared that tool with others over the years is what makes this career so rewarding! 

One thing I love about this field is the endless opportunity to grow - which is why I am excited to currently be pursing my Masters of Physiotherapy, with expected graduation in Fall 2024. I look forward to bringing the knowledge that I have learned as a coach to the field of physiotherapy and taking on a hybrid approach integrating exercise and manual therapy in the future!

Hi friends, I'm Erin Reid and I am so happy you're here!

After receiving my Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia, I went on to pursue a career in Strength & Conditioning/Kinesiology. During my time at UBC I competed in the varsity athletic program as a sprinter for the Track & Field team, and as a catcher for the Women's Softball team. After sustaining many injuries of my own through sport, I felt inspired to give back to the community by focusing my career on an avenue that could help prevent future injuries and physical setbacks.


My goal as a coach is to influence as many individuals' lives as I can by promoting health through movement and providing the tools and education to allow you to best conquer the physical demands of sport and/or daily life. My philosophy emphasizes balance in your training for a sustainable and well rounded lifestyle routine.



As a Coach, Kinesiologist and Masters of Physiotherapy Student, I strongly believe in the ability for movement to change one’s life. I believe that when we apply purpose to our training we open up a gateway to better movement and better performance in the tasks and activities that we love. By adding intention to our workouts we begin to build a more resilient body and become more confident in our own skin. Under this belief system, the Erin Reid Coaching philosophy strives to provide training for LIFE. Regardless of your training history, my services will be targeted to meet your individual movement and performance goals all while prioritizing balance and sustainability in your exercise regime.

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