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In Person Training

In my time working as a Strength Coach & Kinesiologist, I have had the privilege of working with individuals from all walks of life. This has ranged from rehabilitation cases to professional athletes and everything in between. 

I believe the benefits of a regular movement routine can be a powerful addition to your lifestyle regardless of your previous training background. 

These in person sessions will allow me to collaborate with you in building a more resilient body to handle the demands of your daily life, hobbies or sport. 


$105: 1 on 1 Kinesiology

$147: 2 on 1 Kinesiology

 all prices listed above are subject to 5% GST

What you get: 

  • Results

  • Accountability

  • Individualized programming 

  • Guidance

Do you have extended health care benefits? Check to see if your plan covers Kinesiology! 


Come join me at The Program Fitness and take advantage of their large floor space and fully equipped squat racks. Rates vary depending on group size, contact me for details.

Erin Reid Coaching is a proud sponsor for Gastown Cycling Club in Vancouver. It has been and continues to be a privilege to offer Strength & Conditioning services to the community. 

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