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In Person Training

In my time working as a Strength Coach & Kinesiologist, I have had the privilege of working with individuals from all walks of life. This has ranged from rehabilitation cases to professional athletes and everything in between. 

I believe the benefits of a regular movement routine can be a powerful addition to your lifestyle regardless of your previous training background. 

These in person sessions will allow me to collaborate with you in building a more resilient body to handle the demands of your daily life, hobbies or sport. 


◦ 60 minute 1on1 Kinesiology/S&C$100

 60 minute 2on1 Kinesiology/S&C: $140 ($70ea)



◦ 5x60 minute in person Kinesiology sessions $425

                offer valid for new clients only 

all prices listed above are subject to 5% GST

Indoor & outdoor options available.

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