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Online Training



On top of individualized training programs, your TrueCoach subscription includes a user-friendly platform where you can upload videos and comments for feedback or send me a message directly.



Included in your membership you can count on me to check in and keep you moving forward towards your exercise or performance goals - not as your cheerleader, but as your teammate working alongside you in your movement journey.



I get it - not everyone has access to a world class training facility or a consistent schedule. The online programming experience is designed to be flexible to adapt to whatever space, schedule or equipment restraints you may have.

"Working with Erin virtually over the past couple of months have proved to be very beneficial. Her skill, knowledge and accountability have kept me on track. I will be continuing my online journey with Erin and I highly recommend others to do the same" - D.M.

Convenience is key - train from the comfort of your home, your office gym, local community centre, or whatever gym of your choosing. Through the QuickCoach app you will get access to individualized programming designed for your goals and abilities. Your online training subscription gives you the ability to track your progress, make comments and share feedback to me directly so we can ensure we're always headed in the direction that serves you best.


App Based Coaching


$99/month 1 day per week

$149/month 2 days per week

$199/month 3 days per week

 all prices listed above are subject to 5% GST

If you're looking for a bit more 1 on 1 interaction and real time feedback, Zoom coaching might be a good fit for you. Pandemic gym closures forced me to get creative with at home workouts, so don't worry if you're not set up with a fully equipped gym at home. We'll make it work!



$69/ 45min 

$85/ 60min

 all prices listed above are subject to 5% GST

Zoom Coaching

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