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Where training meets lifestyle

Strength and Conditioning Coach & Practicing Kinesiologist
Based out of Vancouver, BC

In Person Training

Individualized training designed to meet you where you are at and get you to where you want to be.

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals and allowing you to reconnect with your body and all of the amazing things it can do!


Online Training

All of the perks of individualized training with the added bonus of flexibility. Let's chat and figure out what virtual training option best suits your movement journey.


"Erin has been such a monumental person in my fitness journey. I was once a competitive athlete but after my university days, I started working full-time and no longer lived a life focusing primarily on fitness. Naturally, I gained weight and felt as if I couldn't call myself an athlete anymore. A few months ago, I decided to try out a free consultation at a gym near my work and that's when I met Erin! She made me feel so comfortable being back in the gym, she was so understanding about all of my post-athlete feels, she is always so respectful and helpful when I ask her basic questions related to gym equipment or exercises, and most importantly she genuinely wants you to reach your goals! I see Erin working with all types of clients, beginners in the gym, new moms, athletes, etc. What really impressed me and was also really important for me is how educated Erin is and how she knows exactly what form is good for your body and guides you through your workout to avoid injury.

If you're looking to start, continue, or expand your fitness journey I recommend reaching out to Erin, 100%".

—  Djina P

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